AGILE ISO – Introducing Agile ISO Maturity Model

The concept of Agile ISO is related to the employment of agile methodologies at procedure level while retaining an ISO -or equivalent- compliance for the breadth and documentation of your company quality management system. This article briefly describes Agile ISO as a working methodology and introduces a maturity model based on it.

The main key to agilize ISO-level standards is to get rid of the rigidity of the defined operating procedures and replace it with agile business process management digital tools. The ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard allows for agile approaches and rapid process improvement at the base level of a QMS, however, it requires some specific software features to be implemented effectively.

Why Agile + ISO?

  • Agile methods are faster and encourage collaboration by reducing some of the hierarchical distinctions inside certain workspaces. Employees are valuable and trusting them is good for your company.
  • ISO framework sets the industry-recognized best practice levels for most of sectors and its accreditation gives your company a recognizable quality and excellence badge.
  • Includes a Maturity Model that helps to measure of qualitative progress of your company.

Agile ISO Maturity Model Stages

  1. Documented processes, be sure that all your company’s procedures are identified and documented.
  2. Followed processes, all the defined processes have to be followed and used regularly by your team.
  3. Managed processes, processes should shape and inform the way in which you conduct your operations.
  4. Optimized processes, this stage requires you to gather accurate data from your processes and analyse it to improve the outputs.
  5. Integrated processes, finally, the final stage concerns creating processes where you may not have had processes before.

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