The magic recipe for developing creative apps

When is time to begin with a promising project, having the great idea is not synonymous with success. There are few more actors in the game that have to be taken into account to approach a good achievement. Antonio de Amescua (UC3M Full Professor) pointed them all in what he called The Magic Recipe for the development of creative apps. So, from here, this ingredients are revealed.

Meet talent

Meeting talented people and providing them the necessary means (space, time, resources) will facilitate the creativity. The team is (almost) everything!

Financial support

Getting the proper financial support will allow getting all those means mentioned previously. From this starting point, the team can let the creativity fly!

Scientific methodology

Applying scientific methodologies will allow the team to check empirically all the theories.

Focus on your clients

During all the development process, try not to forget who your potential clients are and what are their expectations. At the end of the day, the team is working for satisfying them!

Agile development

Finally, apply the latest technologies during your development. The basis of lean manufacturing has evolved into agile methodologies, that will boost your project!

As we can see, there is much more than a good idea behind a successful project. But, this flash of wit is the very start of everything and the needed impulse to begin to take off. So, if you do have it, don’t hesitate to develop it!

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